We supply design and technology to meetings and events

EDGE Design & Technology

EDGE Design & Technology is a supplier of design and technology for meetings, events and expos. We design, project manage and deliver over 300 events and activations every year, both digital and physical. During our years of operation, we have created thousands of environments and stages for meetings for various types of events and corporate events.

Edge was founded in 2012 and is one of Sweden's largest production suppliers of technology and design to the meeting and entertainment industry. We have 40 full-time employees and have a large network of freelance specialists whom we hire for various projects. We are often hired to design and deliver solutions for corporate events, executive meetings, trade fair stands, jubilees, hybrid events and brand activations at events and festivals.

Our concept

Our business concept is to offer advanced technical solutions together with design and scenography. As a customer, you get one point of contact with us who coordinates our entire delivery from idea to implementation. Our project manager ensures that the focus is placed on the elements that are important to you and your event. Through ongoing contact during the project, you always have total control over the process and budget.

Internally, the project manager works with a team of experts, each of whom has extensive experience and cutting-edge expertise in their respective field. The project manager ensures that your vision and your wishes are realized in a solution that is both technically competent, operationally reliable and packaged in a stylish framework. That's what we call EDGE Design & Technology.

Advantages with using us as a supplier

By letting us take care of the overall event production, you get one contact point for all parts of technology and design, while you focus on the other parts of the event that are probably just as important.

Inexperienced buyers can calmly and confidently rely on us to ensure that all the pieces fall into place while keeping a close eye on the budget and schedule.

By not having to deal with several different suppliers of sound, light, stage, video and design, experienced buyers can instead put their energy into creating even better experiences for their guests, while we take care of the practicalities.

Common goal

We ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear common goal through clear sketches, 3D images and construction drawings. We also have ongoing dialogue between the departments during the course of the project and our project manager makes sure that everyone is aware of the current status and up to date.


By owning the entire solution from grain to loaf, we make sure everything is right. We make sure that the digital material produced by our graphic department has the correct pixel dimensions for the screen solution that the video department delivers. If we build nice decor, we make sure that the lighting department illuminates it so that it comes to life and looks good on camera.

Time planning

When we get to construction and implementation, we produce a detailed schedule for when each department will deliver their respective parts. This means that you will not be charged for unnecessary waiting time because one work group prevented another from carrying out its task.

More sustainable logistics

Since all equipment and materials are sent together from the same warehouse, we can keep the number of transports down and thus create a more sustainable logistics solution and reduce our CO2 footprint. There are also financial gains in this as we often only need about 40% of all the transports that would have been used if you had instead chosen to buy our services from separate suppliers.


The budget work is perhaps the most important advantage of using us as a supplier. We treat your budget as a whole and, in agreement with you, can put the budget and energy where it is needed instead of evenly distributed across disciplines. Since we are one company, we also do not need to monitor internal profit interests between different departments. For us, it doesn't matter if we choose a large LED screen or a good sound system. We make sure that the finances are put where they are needed for your event and we make sure that your budget is kept.

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