We have solutions for events, meetings and expos

Our solutions

We have total solutions with technology and design for all types of events, meetings and expos. Since we started our business, we have designed and delivered thousands of corporate events, executive meetings, trade fair stands, anniversary celebrations, activations and digital events.
  • We deliver technology and design for corporate events, conferences, general meetings, executive meetings, gala dinners, award ceremonies, inaugurations and anniversaries.
  • We build fair stands, brand activations, pop-ups and branding
  • We also build studios and showrooms
  • We even have solutions for digital events, hybrid events, live broadcasts & streaming


An event can be many things. It can be a conference, a supplier fair or a gala evening with an award ceremony. Maybe even a combination of all three. We are experienced in developing complete solutions with design and technology for all types of events.

Corporate events

We deliver design and technology for all types of events, both general and corporate. We work in tents, town halls, fairs and arenas. We also often produce events for our clients in their own offices or premises.

We have extensive experience of the challenges and opportunities that arise when gathering an entire company – and we work with you to realize your visions, regardless of how grand they may be. Together, we find solutions that ensure that all your guests see, hear and feel what takes place on stage. Both live and digitally. We have worked in most event venues in Stockholm and Sweden and we help you get the most out of your event here.


We are experts at conferences. We have helped hundreds of companies to hold conferences in all imaginable places. We have held conferences in the dolphinarium at Kolmården Wildlife Park, in production halls, in aircraft hangars – and outdoors under the open sky. Most often, however, we are indoors in one of the conference centres around Stockholm and Sweden. Sometimes, we rig all the technology from scratch, including lighting and image technology, and sometimes we complement an existing solution or venue.

Shareholder meetings

Each year, we help many companies, large and small, to hold both digital and physical shareholder meetings. Sometimes, we help companies hold their shareholder meetings in connection with another internal event, in order to take advantage of the technology and decor that’s already in place. Other times, we produce entirely stand-alone shareholder meetings.

Executive meetings

When managers gather for meetings, the demands are even higher than they are for ordinary meetings, if that’s possible. Often, the guests at executive meetings will have travelled just to attend the meeting and will leave as soon as it’s over. We often work with these prerequisites and all our co-workers are experienced in different types of executive meetings. These can be meetings with 20 participants in a conference room or with 400 managers in a purpose-built meeting arena in an exhibition hall. Regardless of the size and form, we have solutions that are both representative and reliable. For executive meetings, we often work with redundant technical solutions and UPS/battery backup for the critical segments.

Gala dinners

Almost all of the corporate events we produce are accompanied by some form of prize or awards ceremony. Often, it will be a whole-day affair with a conference, general meeting or executive meeting, topped off with a gala dinner.

When we produce galas or gala dinners, the focus is usually on gold and glitter. We deliver spectacular lighting, pyrotechnics and confetti, digital graphics on the gala theme and sound systems with heavy bass, perfect for a gala! Our design department delivers red carpets, Oscar statues and giant crystal chandeliers.

Awards ceremonies

It’s always fun for us to deliver design and technology for prizes and awards ceremonies. There’s nothing better than seeing a worthy winner take the stage and accept their award in a truly unforgettable moment. We produce awards ceremonies in many different sizes and forms. It can be an award in journalism, with the winner receiving their award via a link from the other side of the world, or 20 awards presented in front of thousands of employees at the enormous Tele2 Arena. Regardless of the size of the ceremony, we’re always discreet about protecting the secret contents of the envelopes containing the names of the winners – and we release musical jingles and confetti into the air at just the right moment. Your award is safe with us.


We like to work with inaugurations and we do it often. An inauguration is often associated with pomp and circumstance and seen as something ceremonial. We’ve worked on hundreds of small and large inaugurations of all different kinds. There have been inaugurations of new office premises, shopping centres, groundbreaking ceremonies and even the inauguration of a central station in Sweden's capital, Stockholm, although the actual ceremony itself was delayed by 100 years.


We have worked on many different types of launches. We’ve helped launch cars, planes, mobile phones, software and brands. Regardless of what you are launching, we have the tools and expertise to make your launch a success. Our project managers and technicians are accustomed to handling the secrecy surrounding new product launches and have extensive experience of working under strict confidentiality. We make sure your product is made public at just the right moment, regardless of whether it’s being launched online or with the surprise of a curtain drop at a live event.

Fashion & Beauty

We have both supplied technology and designed the scenography and sets for many fashion shows and hairdressing competitions. We’ve produced fashion shows in locations ranging from the finest salons to skateparks and bathhouses. We have produced hairdressing competitions in exhibition halls, at Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset) and in Avicii Arena/Globen.

Regardless of whether the show is for 10 journalists or an audience of 3,000, the same basic principles apply. During the short moment in time that the show takes place, everything must work perfectly. Often, guests will show up minutes before the show starts and leave shortly after. There’s no margin for error.

We have extensive experience of all types of shows and know the demands that different shows place on both staff and production services.

Anniversary celebrations

Over the years, we’ve managed to deliver solutions for a great many anniversary celebrations. We were there when the engineering company Sandvik celebrated its 150th anniversary and we were there when the Swedish advertising agency PS Communication turned 20.

Regardless of the setup and size, we have the equipment and experience to supply solutions for all types of anniversary celebrations. We brand and frame in the venue, design stages and environments. Our technical departments deliver sound, lighting and video to ensure your guests hear speeches and artists, see presentations and messages on large LED screens – and experience it all, packaged in attractive lighting.

Expos & installations

EDGE designs, project manages and builds just about everything for trade fairs and expos. This can be a fair stand – or the entire fair. We often work with supplier fairs or mini-fairs in connection with another event, but we also work with stand-alone fairs and stands. We assist with the planning and design of fair layouts, infrastructure for electrical power and networks, as well as branding from sponsors and exhibitors.

We build trade fair squares, inspiration stages, breakout rooms and lounge environments. If you prefer to meet digitally, we also have solutions for virtual trade fairs.

Fair stands

We produce fair stands and fair concepts in many different forms and sizes. We build advanced stand constructions with multiple levels, raised floors, built-in meeting rooms and inspiration stages. We also create modular fair concepts with individual parts that can be freely combined into stands of different sizes for different occasions.

Many of the stand solutions we build involve some form of integrated technology, such as LED screens that display digital messages on walls or suspended above the stand. We also build recessed screens in walls and furniture with or without touch functionality and interactivity.


Our unique offer of design and technology services gives us an excellent toolbox for designing and producing custom-built showrooms with interactive technology. Whether it’s a public area measuring 300 square metres with a sunken 3D model of Sweden's capital, Stockholm, or a combination exhibition, conference and demo room at a company packed with advanced technology – we have just the solution for your showroom.

With all the expertise under the same roof, we’re able to develop a solution that truly integrates design and technology.


If you are planning to do productions or recordings on a regular basis, it may be a good idea to consider establishing a studio where you can build a long-term technical and scenographic solution, which is both sustainable and financially lucrative. We design, establish and operate both permanent and semi-permanent studios of all sizes.

Over the years, we have run a number of studios in different locations in central Stockholm and also helped customers to establish permanent recording studios at their own premises.


An activation for us usually means highlighting a brand during a competition, festival or event. A sponsor may want to build a pop-up shop at a competition they’re sponsoring, a beverage supplier may want to build a bar at a festival site, or the project can involve framing an event with a sponsor’s branding.

We build fair stands for indoor and outdoor contexts, pop-up shops, premises for different purposes and bars of various kinds. We also frame festival and competition areas and have experience of all possible challenges related to weather, wind and safety. Our project managers for activations help you realize your visions and assist in discussions with organizers, festival directors, property managers and others who may have some involvement in a brand activation.


The pop-up environments we build are often temporary shops for sales, or we temporarily rebuild existing premises for a pop-up activation that will be available for a limited time. This can be the conversion of an old shop in central Stockholm into an educational space with a café and conference rooms. Or a parking lot in central Visby on the island of Gotland converted into a meeting arena with areas for both networking, presentations and individual meetings.

We have extensive experience of many different types of pop-up activations and our project managers help you in discussions with other parties in the project, such as property managers, electricians, etc. The project manager from EDGE also coordinates delivery from all our departments and ensures that your visions are realized and that we stay within your budget.


We deliver branding solutions for companies and brands at festivals and competitions. We produce and install flags, banners, menu signs, entrance portals and large outdoor logos. Our carpenters and print technicians have extensive experience of the demands of larger productions and they’re accustomed to working under the constraints of special conditions, environments and deadlines.

Over the years, we have delivered branding to some of Sweden's largest festivals and competitions, including Nordea Master, Stockholm Marathon, Summerburst and Sweden Rock.

Digital events

Live streaming and digital events have always been a large part of our business, and it's growing all the time. All our departments have extensive experience of digital events, as well as the different technical demands that are specific for physical meetings, hybrid events and fully digital productions. As part of our digital events offering, we supply studios, digital platforms for streaming and interactivity, as well as solutions for virtual trade fairs.

Hybrid events

Something that is becoming increasingly common in our industry is the so-called hybrid event. A hybrid event is an event where you have both guests physically present on site and guests who participate via some form of digital channel For example, this could be a conference with 400 staff members from the local office on site in a ballroom and the rest participating digitally via a live stream. A solution of this kind is both cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

We have solutions for hybrid events of all forms, regardless of whether the majority of your guests participate live or digitally. We deliver scenography, decor and a complete technical solution for the guests on site, at the same time as our video technicians ensure that a first-class broadcast is sent to the guests who participate digitally.


As part of our offering within digital events, we also offer solutions for live broadcasting of events via web or TV. We have delivered scenography, design and technical solutions for live broadcast events, such as the Swedish newspaper Expressen's Party Leader Debate, the Swedish football league Allsvenskan's Stora pris and Snabba Cash (Easy Money) – The Music Event.

Whether the event is to be broadcast live on TV via an OB vehicle or via a social channel such as YouTube, we have the experience, skills and technical equipment needed to make the broadcast a success. With our design team, we also have the possibility to design and produce a really attractive frame for your broadcast, complete with decor, carpentry, print and digital graphics.

Virtual events

As an extension of our services for digital events and platforms, we also offer services for virtual events and trade fairs, where you can invite your visitors to navigate through a virtual world with fair stands, inspiration squares and lecture stages. During the early 2020s, we’ve been involved in producing some of the largest virtual events ever in Sweden. We have produced hundreds of virtual fair stands, built interactive environments and created spaces for digital networking.