Sweden’s leading supplier of design and technology for events

EDGE Design & Technology

EDGE Design & Technology supplies design and technology for meetings, events and expos. Each year, we design, project manage and deliver over 300 events and activations, both digital and physical. During the years we’ve been in business, we have created thousands of environments and stages for all types of meetings and events.

We work with projects throughout Sweden and internationally – and we’re specialists in producing events in the most important venues in our hometown, Stockholm. We have extensive experience of working in such places as Hotel At Six, Avicii Arena/Globen, Quality Hotel Friends, Stockholm Waterfront and Tele2 Arena and we know exactly what solutions and layouts are best suited for each of them.

Edge was founded in 2012, and today we’re one of Sweden's largest production suppliers of design and technology for the events industry. We have 40 fulltime employees and a large network of freelance specialists who we contract to work on relevant projects, when needed.

We are often hired to design and deliver solutions for corporate events, executive meetings, trade fair stands, anniversaries, hybrid events and brand activations at events and festivals.

Our concept

Our business concept is to offer advanced technical solutions together with design and scenography services. As a customer, you get one point of contact and we coordinate the entire delivery, from idea to implementation. Our project manager ensures that the focus is placed on the elements that are important to you and your event. And they keep in close contact with you during the project, so you always have complete control over the process and the budget.

Internally at EDGE, the project manager works with a team of experts, each with extensive experience and cutting-edge expertise within their respective field. The project manager ensures that your vision and your wishes are realized in a solution that is both technically sound, reliable and attractively packaged. That's what we call EDGE Design & Technology.

Key advantages of using EDGE as your full-service supplier

By having us take care of the entire event production, you get one point of contact for all aspects of technology and design and you can feel free to concentrate on other important areas of the event.

Inexperienced buyers can trust us to make sure that no detail is overlooked, while we keep a close eye on the budget and schedule.

Experienced buyers can feel free to put their time and energy into creating better experiences for their guests, since they don’t have to coordinate different suppliers for sound, lighting, stage, video and design – and we take care of all the practicalities.

Common goal

We ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear common goal by producing sketches, 3D images and construction drawings. We also have ongoing discussions between departments during the course of a project, and our project manager keeps everyone updated on the project’s status.


By owning the entire solution from start to finish, we can assure that everything is done right. We assure that the digital material produced by our graphics department has the correct pixel dimensions for the screen solution that the video department delivers. If we’re building an attractive set, we make sure that the lighting department lights it optimally to ensure it looks great on camera.


When it comes to construction and implementation, we produce a detailed schedule that specifies when each department will deliver its respective part. Everyone works according to the same schedule to avoid the risk of charges for unnecessary and expensive waiting time.

Logistics that are more sustainable

All equipment and materials are sent together from the same warehouse, which means we can keep the number of transports down and thus create a more sustainable logistics solution and reduce our CO2 footprint. There are also financial advantages to working this way, as we often only need about 40% of the total transports than if you had chosen to buy services from separate suppliers.


The budget process is perhaps the most important advantage of using EDGE as a full-service supplier. We see your budget as a whole and can, in agreement with you, put financial focus where it’s needed most for your event, whether that’s a large LED screen or an awesome sound system. And we always make sure to keep within your budget.

One point of contact

Regardless of whether your project involves just one of our departments or all of them, a project manager will oversee the project and coordinate our total delivery, from idea to implementation. The project manager will meet with you to go over your vision and expectations and will then compile information for an internal meeting with us. Together with a group of designers and technical experts, the project manager develops a solution that meets your requirements and your budget – and keeps you constantly updated about the project and status.

Our services – We’re involved, from idea to implementation

Here are all the services we provide when you hire us as full-service supplier for your event production.

Project management for event productions

Our experienced project managers coordinate our entire delivery, from idea to implementation. As a customer, you get one point of contact throughout the entire process and full control over finances and project status.

Visualization, 3D sketches and construction drawings

Our graphic designers produce visualizations for your event, which include 3D sketches, floor plans and construction drawings. This gives a concrete picture of your vision, and ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of what the final product will be, long before the first phase of construction takes place.

Production of graphic material and film for events

The graphics department produces graphic material for digital events, LED screens and print. Let us package your broadcast in professionally produced vignettes, bumpers and nameplates.

Sound, lighting and image technology for events, expos and meetings

Our technical departments have the latest equipment and a staff of technicians with experience of all types of event technology. We deliver everything within the areas of sound, lighting, video and graphics for meetings, events, expos, concerts and digital events.

Design with decor, carpentry and print

Our decor department, graphics department, carpentry and print workshops together make up what we call design. With this unique inhouse combination of professions for event production, we are able to package our technical solutions in digital and physical scenographies and environments that align with brand and graphic identities. We also produce bespoke sets and furniture to order.

Logistics & transport

The logistics department ensures that all our equipment gets to and from our venues. Because we deliver all aspects of an event production, we can coordinate transport and create sustainable logistics solutions that minimize our environmental impact.

Post-production, editing and creating event films

After an event or production has concluded, we edit the raw recorded video and create finished video clips or films that you can quickly and easily distribute to your target group, without having to involve an external supplier.

Our solutions – We design and build everything for events, expos and broadcast


An event can be many things. It can be a conference, a supplier fair or a gala evening with an award ceremony. Maybe even a combination of all three. We are experienced in developing complete solutions with design and technology for all types of corporate and general events. We work in tents, town halls, fairs and arenas. We also often produce events for our clients in their own offices or premises.

Expos and installations

EDGE designs, project manages and builds just about everything for trade fairs and expos. This can be a fair stand – or the entire fair. We often work with supplier fairs or mini-fairs in connection with another event, but we also work with stand-alone fairs and fair stands. We assist with the planning and design of trade fair layouts, infrastructure for electrical power and networks, as well as branding from sponsors and exhibitors.

Our unique set of departments and in-house expertise also gives us excellent prerequisites for building many different types of installations and special sets. These may be permanent constructions, pop-up shops, activations or temporary sets for events. We build solutions that integrate smart design and innovative technology. Our carpentry workshop produces bespoke interiors and furniture and our technical departments install technology that delivers added value, without stealing too much of the limelight.


Live streaming and digital events have always been a large part of our business, and it's growing all the time. All our departments have extensive experience of digital events, as well as of the different technical demands that are specific for physical meetings, hybrid events and fully digital productions. As part of our offering within digital events, we supply studios, digital platforms for streaming and interactivity, as well as solutions for virtual trade fairs.

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