We’re a one-stop shop for everything within event production

Our services

Our business concept is to offer comprehensive technology and design services for meetings, events and expos. We are a one-stop shop with everything you need in event production.
  • Our technical departments deliver expertise and equipment for sound, lighting, video and graphics
  • The design department produces and delivers decor, carpentry, print and graphic productions
  • We offer pre-production services, including visualization and pre-programming
  • Our project managers coordinate our projects and the logistics department stores and transports our equipment


We deliver highly effective and reliable technical solutions for all types of projects within meetings, events and expos. This can be everything from a large LED screen and sound system for a concert, to lighting for a trade fair stand, or a camera production.


Visuals play a vital part in most modern productions. Our video department has different types of screens for displaying messages, cameras for filming content and control systems for displaying the right material on the right screen and channel at the right time. With our highly skilled staff and the right equipment for every occasion, we’re able to deliver video solutions for all different types of projects.


The audio department delivers sound, ranging from wireless microphones and mixer boards to speaker systems. Regardless of whether you need two discreet designer speakers for an office party or an entire PA system for Avicii Arena/Globen in Stockholm, we can deliver it – and our sound engineers handle miking speakers, recording podcasts and stage sound for live artists.


Lighting for us is about both function and form. We use lighting to illuminate speakers, performers and products both on stages, in fair stands and for digital broadcasts. We also use lighting as a creative tool to enhance emotions and messages in performances and digital broadcasts.


Within what we call design, we have packaged our decor department together with our print and carpentry workshops. In order to work sustainably when we create design solutions, we always start from what we already have in our warehouse of sets, furniture and textiles. Combined with specially produced carpentry and print, we create a solution that’s unique for your project and brand.


To create sustainable solutions for sets and scenography, we always start with the basic elements we have in our rental range, such as stage podiums, textiles and carpets. Furniture and accessories create an attractive meeting between design and function. Once the foundation is in place, our scenographers and decorators give the solution finishing touches, which can be everything from flower arrangements to styrofoam logos and experience tunnels.


If the solution doesn’t already exist in our decor department's rental range, our carpentry workshop steps in. This is where unique solutions are created for unique projects. We build in wood, metal and plastic for both indoor and outdoor use. Our carpentry products are made in our carpentry workshop in Bredden, north of Stockholm, and assembled by our carpenters at the event site.


Print is an effective way to communicate messages at events. It can be in the form of curtains that frame a festival stage or an area, film covering walls and windows, or a message cut out of plexiglas. Our print workshop prints and cuts in most materials – your imagination is the only limit.

Motion graphics & video production

Motion graphics play a large part in most modern productions for meetings and events. This can be digital scenography for large LED screens on a stage for a meeting with a physical audience. Or, it can also be the packaging of a digital broadcast with vignettes, bumpers and nameplates. We also produce and edit video and films for use at physical and digital events – and we know exactly which file formats and settings are best for different types of screens.

Administration, transport and logistics

As a complement to our design and technology services, we also offer services in administration, transport and logistics. Our experienced project managers coordinate our deliveries and the logistics department ensures that all our materials make it to and from our project sites.

Project management

With our project managers, you get one point of contact throughout the entire process, from your idea to our completed delivery. The project manager leads the collaboration between our departments and ensures that your vision is realized with excellence in every aspect, while you always have control over costs.

Transport & logistics

Our logistics department stores our products in a 3,000 square metre warehouse in Bredden, north of Stockholm. We use our own trucks and external partners for long-distance transports, and always choose the most cost-effective and reliable transport solution for your project.


In order to create a shared target image for the project, we often work with various forms of visualization. We produce CAD drawings to scale, realistic 3D images and sometimes even interactive 3D environments, all to give you as a customer a good idea of how your solution will look, long before production starts.

In order to save precious time on site during implementation, we also often work with pre-programming. This can be everything from the pre-programming of a light show for an intro to the creation of advanced visual productions in a media server. We can work together with you to pre-program different types of productions in our visualization studio – and this takes a fraction of the time than it would on site.


Pre-programming or programming is a very effective way to save both time and resources during the production phase. Our programming and visualization studio located in our premises in Bredden is fully equipped with the latest technology to pre-program sound, lighting and video and carefully build a show, long before you have access to the physical location for the event.


Our visualization department uses software specific for each situation to produce photorealistic 3D images of what your solution will look like before it is built. You can review the visualizations with our project manager, and get an accurate picture of the production before the first truck leaves our warehouse.